The story of the liberation war

The story of the liberation war

Mueen Islam

During the War of Liberation, the independent state of Bangladesh was established in 1971 after many movements, struggles, sacrifices, sacrifices and bloodshed. The path of Bangladesh’s birth history as an independent state is very eventful.

In August 1947, the former India, which had been under British rule for almost two hundred years, was divided into two separate states and gained independence. One was India and the other was Pakistan. Pakistan again created two parts one is East Pakistan, the other is West Pakistan. The distance between these two parts is more than a thousand miles.

Ever since the establishment of Pakistan, the two sides have been discriminated in various ways. Former Pakistan was incompetent and now Bangladesh is being exploited by West Pakistan. The military headquarters was established in West Pakistan. Moreover, arsenals and large industrial factories were set up in West Pakistan. As a result, the lion’s share of Pakistan’s income was spent on the development of West Pakistan. They were trying to keep East Pakistan behind in terms of development. To that end, West Pakistanis were appointed to all high-ranking military and civilian posts. Not only that, West Pakistanis also had priority in trade, industry and setting up factories. East Pakistani, that is, Bengali officers, were not given much promotion and job opportunities. They even conspired against our mother tongue Bengali. They continued their efforts to make Urdu the state language by imposing a ban on Bengal. As a result, naturally the people of East Pakistan could not accept this despicable and discriminatory behavior of the Western ruling class. In the context of which, in East Pakistan, on the question of state language, on the question of autonomy, on the question of elimination of inequality, on the question of establishing democracy, various movements and protest meetings continue. In 1952, there was a language movement in East Pakistan demanding language. This language movement was martyred by some of the freshest young people of Bengal. The black highway is stained with the blood of Bengalis. The Bengali language was established. In 1986, Awami League leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman made a six-point demand to protect the interests of Bengalis. The All-Party Student Struggle Council was formed in 1989. They started the struggle on the basis of 11-point program. From then on, a tumultuous movement started in the country on the basis of 6 points and 11 points. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Awami League won the 1970 general election. But despite the Awami League’s victory, Western leaders, like Bhutto, adjourned the National Assembly indefinitely. In protest, the movement started again. As a result, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in his speech on March 7 declared to run the country as the winning party as per the instructions of Awami League. In his speech, he declared Kot-Kachari, an office educational institution, closed indefinitely, directing the people to cooperate fully with the government of Pakistan. He also said that the rent tax was stopped until I was released from this country.

He said, “In every village, in every mahalla, form Sangram Parishad under the leadership of Awami League and be ready with whatever you have. He added, ‘Build forts in every house. You have to deal with the enemy with everything you have. At the end of the speech, he said, “This time the struggle is for our liberation, this time the struggle is for our freedom.” But unfortunately, the soldiers of West Pakistan captured Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the dark of night on March 25, 1971 and they went on a rampage. About 3 lakh people lost their lives. As a result, the Bengalis became more angry. From then on the bloody liberation war started. During the war of liberation, Bangladesh was divided into 11 sectors to facilitate the conduct of the war. The Allies helped us in various ways in the war of liberation. Pakistan finally surrendered on 16 December 1971. Lt. signed the surrender document. General AK Niazi. At the same time Bangladesh is on the world map as an independent country.

Student, Udayan Ideal School and College.

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