Ummul-Muminin Hazrat Ayesha Ra.

Ummul-Muminin Hazrat Ayesha Ra.

Name: Ayesha.

Alias: Umm Abdullah

Title: Siddique, Humaira.

Father’s name: Abu Bakr Abdullah bin Osman Abu Kuhafa.

Mother’s name: Umm Ruman bint Amer.

He belonged to the tribe of Bani Taym by lineage and the tribe of Canaan by lineage.

Birth: He was born eight or nine years before the Hijrah.

Marriage with the Prophet (peace be upon him): The Prophet (peace be upon him) was only 7/8 years old at the heavenly direction. He proposed marriage to her and married her in Makkah three years before the Hijrah. Then in the month of Shawwal of the second Hijri, that is, after 18 months of Aqd, at the age of 9 years, the only virgin woman Ayesha Ra. He started a family at seven.

Attributes: Among the holy wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him) she was the most intelligent and possessed of deep knowledge. He was simultaneously a jurist, hadith scholar, commentator, linguist and scholar of history. He also had a reputation for eloquence. He had memorized the great verses of many poets. He knew most about the events and battles of the life of the beloved Prophet. He also played an active role in politics after the death of the Prophet. During the caliphate of Hazrat Ali, when there was a disagreement among the Companions, he took a stand against the Caliph and led the opposition in the battle of Jamal (camel war). Verses were revealed about him describing the sanctity of slander. Peace be upon him from Gabriel.

Her Contribution to Hadith Shastra: The contribution of Ummul Muminin Ayesha in Hadith Shastra has always been unforgettable. He is one of the greatest narrators of Hadith. Ayesha’s narration about the Prophet’s personal deeds and what he used to do inside the house is noteworthy. A large number of Companions and Tabi’is have narrated hadith from him. If there was any disagreement among the Companions, they would take refuge in him. His nephew Orwa ibn Zubayr and nephew Qasim ibn Muhammad have narrated more hadiths than him.

Number of hadiths narrated by him: The number of hadiths narrated by him is 2210. Imam Bukhari and Muslim. 164 jointly, Imam Bukhari said. 54 alone and Imam Muslim. 56 hadiths alone

Death: According to reliable narration, Umm al-Muminin Hazrat Ayesha. At the age of 85, he passed away in Medina on Tuesday night, the 17th of Ramadan, 57 AH. According to his will, he was buried in the rest of Jannatul at night. Abu Huraira. He led the janaza prayers.


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