Terrible launch accidents in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a riverine country. Launches are the main means of transportation for people in the southern part of the country. There is no launch option for low cost comfortable travel.
But when this comfort takes people’s lives! Similarly, an accident happened today in Dhaka’s Buriganga. So far, the rescue unit has recovered the bodies of 36 people. Let’s not know the history of some such terrible launch accidents in the history of the country.

Morning Bird: The launch named Mayur Bird sank with more than 50 passengers when it collided with the Mayur-2 launch near Shyambazar in Dhaka on June 29, 2020. So far (as of the writing of the report) 38 bodies have been recovered.

Kirtankhola-10: The launch left Barisal on 13 January 2020. In the middle Kanjir Char area near Chandpur, the launch named MV Farhan-9 actually pushed along the middle to Kirtankhola-10K. It killed 3 people and injured more than 10. However, the launch (by the grace of God) survived the sinking.

MV Riyadh: On 22 June 2019, the ongoing launch MV Riyadh on the Kathalbari route in Madaripur sank. However, the passengers were able to reach the shore safely in the adjacent taller.

3 launches sank: On 11 September 2016, three launches sank in a strong current at the terminal of Wapda Chairman Ghat on the Padma River at Naria in Shariatpur. There were 22 people including launch staff and passengers including three members of the same family.

MV Greenline-2: On 22 April 2018, the floor of the Kirtankhola river in Barisal was hit by a sand-carrying ship. However, as the launch was close to the shore, everyone survived when the Sareng (Captain) crowded the shore.

Pinak-6: On 4 August 2014, a horrific accident took place in hostile weather. The Pinak-6 Lamak launch with more than two and a half hundred passengers sank in the Padma. Many people went missing. Only 21 people were buried in Shibchar Municipal Cemetery as anonymous.

MV Miraj-4: 15 May 2014 MNV Miraj en route from Dhaka to Sureshwar sank near Meghna river near Munshiganj. The bodies of 22 people were recovered.

MV Coco-3: On March 26, 2011, two other launches collided and sank in the Molhead area of ​​Chandpur.

ML Shah Paran: The launch sank near the Meghna Bridge in 2006, killing 19 people.

MV Lighting Sun: On 22 May 2004, 61 people drowned in the MV Lighting Sun. And more than a hundred died drowning on the MV horizon. 90 people drowned in ML Majlispur in Bhairab’s Meghna river.

MV Nasring-1: On July 8, 2003, the floor of Chandpur Dakatiya burst due to extra passengers and cargo and sank with more than two thousand passengers. MV Nasreen. More than 741 bodies were recovered from the government and more than 600 from the private sector.

MV Salauddin-2: On 3 May 2002, MV Salauddin-2 sank near Shatnal in Chandpur. Dies. 363 people.

MV Rajhansi: On the night of Eid-ul-Azha, 29 December 2000, two launches named MV Rajhansi and MV Jalakpot collided on the Meghna River at Satnale in Chandpur. The MV swan lost 182 passengers.

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