No matter how hard the password is, it can be easily broken

Experts say that as computer technology improves, so does the security of your highly secret passwords. There is no shortage of ‘keys’ to open that ‘lock’. Making keys is also becoming very easy.

Wondering if you can change your password and keep it secret, will all the details of a top-secret e-mail or conversation with your girlfriend remain between you and your girlfriend? The amount of lifetime savings? Movable, immovable property ledger? It will not be possible for anyone to know?

Absolutely wrong thinking. We snuggle up to the gateway called the computer password and snore, thinking, ‘No one will know our secrets.’

No computer password is invulnerable. No matter how complicated it is. Anyone can break through this security wall of yours at any moment. Theft, snatching is a little, it can be a big robbery! Enemy forces can destroy a country by destroying the defense system!

The ‘character’ of that password is simple, naive or very complex, cruel, insidious, whatever. The ‘character’ of the password is exactly with its ‘character’.

Passwords and characters

That ‘character’ is made in many ways. Sometimes just with numbers (‘numbers’). Sometimes only small and large English letters (‘alphabets’). Sometimes it is a combination of numbers and small and large letters (‘Mixed Form-1’). Sometimes in a mixture of numbers, small and large letters and symbols (‘Symbol’) (‘Mixed Form-2’).

Whether it’s a number or a letter or a symbol, or a combination of them, if the character of a computer password is too small, it should be 3. Maximum 16. In the meantime, billions of passwords can be created through various types of permutations and combinations.

Passwords made with numbers are the easiest to break

According to data provided by Gartner, an international research and advisory firm in the field of information technology, the easiest way to unlock passwords with numbers is in the way computer technology is advancing day by day. If the characters in those passwords are between 3 and 6, then even the hackers who have just learned ‘aakkh’ will be able to unlock them immediately. It will take 4 seconds to unlock 9 characters. Unlocking 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 characters will take 40 seconds, 6 minutes, 1 hour, 11 hours, 4 days, and 48 days, respectively. It will take 1 year and 12 years to break 16 and 18 character passwords respectively. It will take a little more time in case of 16 characters. 128 years.

Cyber ​​expert Sandeep Sengupta, managing director of the Indian School of Anti-Hacking and a member of NASSCOM, says that if passwords are created by mixing uppercase and lowercase letters rather than just passwords created with numbers, their security is a bit higher. However, even in that case, if the password is between 3 and 5 characters, it is possible to break it immediately.

If it is too much to break the password of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 characters, it may take 6 seconds, 5 minutes, 3 hours, 4 days and 169 days respectively. The mystery of 11 and 12 characters can be broken between 18 years and 600 years respectively. It will take 21,000 years to unlock 13 characters. Passwords of 14, 15 and 16 characters will have to be broken for 6 lakh 8 thousand years, 26 crore years and 100 crore years respectively. It will take more than twice the age of this universe to break the lock of 16 characters. 3,600 crore years. And it will take 1 lakh crore years for 16 characters.

Passwords for numbers, letters, symbols are more secure

Gartner’s statistics also show that if passwords are created by mixing numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters, hackers have a hard time breaking down that wall. It takes a little longer. But even that ‘wall’ is not impenetrable at all. The ‘lock’ can be opened with a little exercise.

Passwords of 3 and 4 characters can be broken instantly. It takes 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours and 10 days to unravel the mysteries of 5, 6, 7 and 8 characters respectively. It takes 153 days for 9 characters and 1 year for 10 characters. 106 years for 11 characters.

However, it will take a little more time to break the password of 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 characters. 6 thousand years, 10 lakh 8 thousand years, 25 million years, 100 crore years and 9,600 crore years respectively. I mean, 6 times the age of this universe!

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And for 16 and 17 characters it takes 6 lakh crore years and 364 lakh crore years respectively.

Everyone wants a password, it takes 56 days to break it!

The task of hackers becomes a bit more difficult if the password is made by mixing numbers, small, large letters, symbols, symbols. Even there, of course, it is possible to unlock 3 and 4 characters immediately. লাগে It takes 58 days to open a character. It takes 12 years to open 9 characters. However, after 9 characters, the calculation of time jumped and increased a lot. It takes 928 years for 10 characters. 11th 61 thousand years. 12th 5 million years. If there are 13 characters, the calculation reaches crores of years. 423 million years. Reaching the 15th, it becomes 2 lakh crore years. 193 trillion years in the 18th century.

Ujjwal Sen, a professor of physics at the Harishchandra Research Institute (HRI) in Allahabad, says, “I am amazed to see that it takes only 56 days to break the password of a character by mixing numbers, small, large letters, symbols, symbols.” However, most websites and apps expect this level of security from the customer (s). This shows how sensitive the password is to privacy. Needless to say, we are in the grip of hackers! ”

If it is 16 and 18 characters, that calculation is not very much under one’s control. Becomes 14 x 1015 years and 1 x 1045 years respectively.

Can be broken in less time! Says the expert

If we have a mobile or debit or credit card, we tell the computer. Then the computer sends a ‘One Time Password (OTP)’ to your mobile, to let people know if it is correct. Computers can also recognize debit or credit card numbers.

The problem remains. Someone may steal our mobile, debit and credit cards as well as our secret passwords.

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