Flying – Wonderful flying fish

The trajectory of the flying fish began 80 million years before the birds flew over the earth and before the dinosaurs. In English it is called Flying Fish – in some parts of the world they are called ‘Flying Cods’. They belong to the genus Exocoetidae of the class Beloniformes. There are about 64 species of flying fish in the world.
There are 3 species of flying fish in Bangladesh.
1. Exocoetus comatus
2. E. poecilopterus
3. E. volitans – They live in the Bay of Bengal.

Flying fish can usually fly a short distance above the surface of the sea. They can cover a distance of 10 meters above the surface of the water – about 400 meters and can walk up to 200 meters below the water. Their breast fins act as their wings. They rise above the water when swimming very fast – then they spread their wings and depending on the wind, they can stay afloat for a maximum of 30 seconds. They fly mainly to escape from predators.

The flight of this treasure is called gliding. They move forward by hitting the water with their tail about 60 times per second. Most of these species are marine. They move in groups. Flying fish is the national symbol of the Caribbean region of Barbados.

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