FAST, the world’s largest telescope

The world’s largest radio telescope is called the Fast Telescope. Its full name is: “Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope or FAST for short”. It does have a nice nickname. That is ‘Tiang Yan’, which means ‘eyes of heaven’ in Bengali!

The telescope, used to unravel the mystery of the birth of the Earth, is located on a hill in the Dodang Basin in the southern Chinese province of Guizhou. The diameter of this telescope is 500 meters or 1850 feet. The telescope is about the size of about 30 football fields. The telescope has 4,400 aluminum triangle-shaped panels. It is currently the largest radio telescope in the world. The construction of the telescope cost 180 million US dollars.

The goal of the fast telescope: – The main goal of the telescope is to find out the mystery of the birth of the universe. Another major goal is to collect waves from this universe and to find out if there is any civilization outside of human civilization in this universe.

The telescope also has the ability to collect data on blast waves in milliseconds – which is why scientists have shown the most interest in the telescope. The telescope can observe a wide area of ​​space. This has made it much easier for scientists to observe galaxies and observe cosmic objects.

Construction of the first telescope began in 2011 and was completed in 2016. It became fully operational in January 2019. The first test of the Fast Telescope detected 102 new waves or pulses from the universe. As a result, scientists’ expectations on First have increased. It is hoped that this fast telescope will play a huge role in the advancement of science and in unraveling the mystery of the birth of human civilization and if there is any other civilization outside of human civilization in this universe.

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