40 Tips that will change your life

40 important etiquettes that will change your life – InshaAllah.

1. Avoid sleeping at three times: a) from Fajr to sunrise, b) from Asr to Maghrib and c) from Maghrib to Esha.

2. Do not sit with foul smelling people, such as: – People who smell cigarettes or raw onions.

3. Don’t sleep with people who say bad things before you go to sleep.

4. Refrain from eating and drinking with the left hand.

5. Avoid eating food stuck in the teeth.

6. Avoid fingering.

7. Check before wearing shoes.

8. Do not look at the sky while praying.

9. Do not spit in the toilet.

10. Do not brush your teeth with coal.

11. Wear pants, trousers, pajamas before the right leg.

12. Do not cool the food by blowing. If necessary, you can make air.

13. Do not break anything hard with your teeth.

15. Do not talk between Iqamah and prayers.

16. Do not talk while in the toilet.

16. Don’t talk about friends. Nothing good. The devil will bring out the bad with his mouth to say good !

16. Don’t make friends.

19. Do not look back repeatedly while walking.

20 Do not brag while walking.

21. Don’t doubt friends.

22. Never lie. Not even joking.2

23. Do not dry the smell of food near the nose.

24. Speak clearly so that people can easily understand.

25. Don’t travel alone. Travel in groups of two or more if possible.

26. Don’t make important decisions alone, consult an intelligent person, but the decision will be yours !.

26. Never be proud of yourself.

26. Never get upset about food. Give thanks to God for what you have received.

29. Don’t be arrogant. Pride is the only punishment for God.

30 Don’t make fun of beggars.

31. Treat the guests as best you can.

32. Collaborate on something good.

33. Be patient even in times of poverty.

34. Think about your mistakes and schedule.

35. Treat those who treat you badly.

36. Be content with what you have. Alhamdulillah: Give thanks for what God has given you.

36. Don’t sleep too much, it will cause memory loss.

36. Repent to God at least 100 times a day for your mistakes. Read Astagfirullah !.

39. Do not eat anything in the dark.

40 Do not eat with full mouth. Do not let children eat with their mouths full.

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